What if Google is just some insane religion?

This is the Google Doodle today:

It looks startlingly similar to one of those amazing Jehovah's Witness drawings:

It's Good Friday AND Earth Day today.  A coincidence.  Or is it?  Google's motto is 'Don't be evil' and their mission statement is to organize all the world's information.  Those fit in line with pretty much all the major religions.  Be good to others, question nothing.  God knows everything.  So does Google.  Or at least Google is trying to know everything. 

Most people I know scoff at the idea of organized religion.  They see it as a throwback to primitive times.  A time when the uneducated masses believed everything that was told to them.  To them, organized religion has no place in our world.  We're better than that, they say.  But to all you folks that will never pray at the altar of some organized religion, how many of you will ask the almighty Google a question today?  And how many of you will blindly click on the first link that's served to you? 

Will we one day look back on Google as some sort of insane cult?  Will we shake our heads in disbelief that the masses were so unilaterally led?  Will Sergey Brin and Larry Page be seen by our offspring as extremely influential nutjobs like Joseph Smith or L. Ron Hubbard.  Google's underlying technology is called Pagerank, after all.  I talked to Sergey at a conference last week and he was wearing a backpack...that's always a sign somebody's up to something, right?   


To all you sinners out there, go forth in your quest for knowledge, but be wary of the single voice who promises paradise and absolute truth.   

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Sonya said...

Is it wrong to find this a slightly thrilling idea? I quite fancy being hoodwinked by the cult of Google, then slowly realising the truth and breaking free one dark night, a panda under each arm. It'd make a great film.