Originally from Belcarra, British Columbia, Canada, Kyle MacDonald has planted more than one hundred thousand trees, delivered more than one thousand pizzas, but eaten only one scorpion. He has also traded one red paperclip for a house only once.

He coordially invites you to edit his wikipedia bio as creatively as you desire.

When he's not stealing a flag from the Prime Minister's office or promoting Alberta Beef by hitch-hiking in a parade, you might find him leaving his wallet in El Segundo or hanging out in Bangkok modeling Italian Soccer jerseys to fund 4am Red-Bull and Rum-fueled urban hitchhikes. He also enjoys writing third-person bio pages for his website and loves to stand on street corners in Montreal hawking shoddily-bound English literature to Francophones in sub-zero temperatures.

His mom still cuts his hair.

O Coinada

I just wrote a petition to the Queen of England:

I guess you can think of this as kind of like an internet petition version of the American Revolution - albeit with less spilled tea and without all those midnight horse rides. Hey, if anybody has a few spare horses and wants to organize some late night equestrian activites, be sure to let me know.