Dom says thanks for all the birthday wishes.

And asked me to take her email off the post. But I've decided to leave it up. Just for kicks. Getting prepped for some big book release stuff this summer, in addition to big party in Kipling:

June 28 = Book release in UK/Ireland.
July 2-8 = be in London/Dublin promoting book.
July 10-16 = be in Kipling for red paperclip days.
Aug 17 - Book released in Quebec, en francais.
Aug 21 = Book released in USA and Canada.
Aug 21 - Aug ? = big book promo tour in USA and Canada.

And the book's gonna be released in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands - sometime this year, I believe. I honestly don't know all the release dates. If you can find them somewhere online and want to share them, that'd be snazzy! I'm really keen to find Saskatchewan's Brownest Van, then ship it to Japan for a big book launch tour. I can't explain how amazing I think a trip like that will be.

Yes, fun and busy.

It'll be pretty choice when all the book release stuff is wrapped up and I can get down to the business of getting something else on the go!