This guy just doesn't age.


Boston has informative manhole covers







The Original Jock Jam

Team Participation

I am officially forming a sprawling musical collective named Team Participation. Areas of interest will include Eurotrash repetitive techno and party rock songs, but we will specialize in live cover versions of easy to remember call-and-answer songs found on Muchmusic Dance Mix albums from the 1990s. We will tour the earth with the sole goal of having a good time. Also, we will try and figure out who these guys are. I figure forming a band is the best way to do this. As of right now, I am the only member, have no musical instruments, and my musical aptitude starts and stops at the bass line to My Prerogative by Bobby Brown, but I figure this is the sort of thing that'll work itself out.

Also, my brother Scott just formed a slo-pitch softball team in an advertising agency league. His team is named Team Participation. I plan to play on the team from time to time when I'm in Vancouver. The two events are completely unrelated.

Get in touch with me if you want to be part of this.


Mangled Bikes in Montreal

It snows a lot in Montreal. After it snows a lot, many different types of machines come along and push, scrape, lift, nudge and press all of that snow...and whatever is under the snow. My favorite are the tracked sidewalk snowplows. They're driven by anonymous superheroes who make shoveling your sidewalk a thing of yesteryear. These superheros also mangle bikes locked to pole and fences along the sidewalks beyond recognition. If you need hundreds of mangled bikes for an art display of mangled bikes for your art gallery, right now would be a great time to go to Montreal with a of bolt cutters or a Bic pen.

Pictures of the full set here.





Pictures of the full set here.