Still don't know who these guys are.

There's more than one way to save the planet.



Hi Thunder,

I'm so glad to hear from you! Wasn't 'college' the best? Man, it's been so long. The parties were so wild. Hey, this sounds like the lyrics to a Weezer song!

How are the kids? I hope they are doing well. I imagine the nest and the Mrs are treating you well.

So, have you slipped back into a lifestyle of reckless drinking again? I sure hope not. But then again, you were so much fun back in the days when you were a 24/7 sauce fest. You just weren't the same after you hung up the skates, so to speak. Here's to educations!



>>Save the Date - UBC Alumni Weekend - Alumni Weekend 2008

>>Dear Trekker,

>>Wish you were here…

>>The campus in spring is amazing! The Rose Garden is budding, the cinnamon buns are steaming and thousands of students are about to graduate.

>>I hope you and your family can join me for Alumni Weekend in May. There are so many events to choose from!

>>Check out some of the things I'll be doing during Alumni Weekend below or click here to see the full schedule. I'm going to register today, you should too!

>>Hope to see you soon,

>>Thunder, the Thunderbird

How to Do Nothing

1. Plan ahead. Whether it's an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year of doing nothing, cancel all of your appointments for that block of time. Try to pick the most boring week or day, a day where you'll most likely sleep most of the time.

2. Let people know. Tell everyone that you're going to be "busy" and will be unavailable. Whether you choose to tell them that you're actually setting aside some time to do nothing, or you just give them the vague explanation "I'm going to be busy" (busy doing nothing!), tell them not to call, visit, or interrupt unless it's a real emergency.

3. Find a quiet, private place. Go somewhere you don't feel pressured to do anything. This might be your bedroom, the backyard, or a local park. Find that place and go there.

4. Set your alarm.
Set an alarm of some kind to go off when your "nothing" time is over, so that you don't have to constantly look at the clock and count the minutes.

5. Turn off the phone.
Turn off your cell phone, work phone, pager, PDA, Blackberry, computer,Beeper,Radio,Tv and any other means of sending or receiving calls or messages. These distractions will only keep you from enjoying the nothing.

6. Sit by yourself. Feel the wind, the sun on your face, the chair touching your bottom. Listen to the rustle of the trees, birds chirping, water flowing. Never think about the past or future. Avoid the temptation to turn on the TV, listen to music, write a note to yourself, get a bite to eat, or anything else. The only thing you should do is go to the bathroom (if needed).

7. Learn how to free your mind. Clear your mind of all thoughts of work, worries, family, etc. by simply letting them go. Doing this not only allows your body to do nothing, but your mind as well. However, do not be worried if you find yourself thinking of things. Freeing up one's mind is actually very difficult to master, and often requires more discipline than some free time (Buddhist monks, for example, dedicate their entire lives to freeing their minds).


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