Just Pics

ore details later. Too tired.

And I'm in a Greyhound depot in Milwaukee. Wisconsin is fun. Minnesota was fun. Illinois was funner. Iowa's FM dial provided my ears an endless supply of 'unstoppable' hard rock from a panapoly of stations. Put 1350 miles on a rental Nissan Sentra. Delivered 2.5 postcards. Big Fun.



It's in the cards


Just got to the hotel in Portland and I finally got around to opening my 'Vancouer-base' mail. What are the chances that I'd open an envelope to discover my brand new Milwaukee Brewers MBNA impulse-sign-up-just-for-the-free-t-shirt at a Mariners game 3 months ago Mastercard 8 hours before I board a flight to Milwaukee?

The next few days will be spent in Milwaukee WI and Aurora IL on what could easily be the most ultimate Wayne's World referencing blog entries in the history of the world. Ever.

So, I might just have to use my new Milwaukee Brewers Mastercard to buy a Bohemian Rhapsody cassette single to play in my AMC Pacer on my way from Noah's Arcade to the Alice Cooper Show in Milwaukee, which of course is an Algonquin world for “the good land.”

Only time'll tell how good it is.

I left my wallet in El Segundo

I gotta get it, I got got to get it.


Yes, I left my wallet in El Segundo.

Yup, another big day. Finally made good on my six-year-old promise to part ways with my beyond-ratty, ridiculously huge ten-year-old George Costanza wallet by leaving it in a town named El Segundo.

Now I know how Q-Tip felt.

(Now's the time to download "I left my wallet in El Segundo" by A Tribe Called Quest if you're lost...)

This wallet:

Was left here:

On sept 26, 2005.

Will it come back? -- only time will tell. I bet ol' Q-Tip can't say "I left THIS wallet in El Segundo", which is of course my current dream. But I guess he's kinda got all those rap-earned millions, fame, notoriety and that being named after something you stick in your ear thing going for him, so he could probably care less than I could ever imagine.

I'm the lyrical Jessie James

I traded the coleman stove for a 1000W generator today. Finally, like He-Man and SNAP alike, I've got the power. It's gettin, it's gettin, it's gettin kinda hectic...


My mom and I also delivered a postcard to a fine lady in Del Mar named Zelda. Yes, she is a legend. A real legend. Stay tuned for this one...



It's pretty safe to assume that this would be the best thing ever to let loose upon a primary school on "gum day". Oh America -- what'll you think of next.

What gets fried in Vegas

...stays in Vegas.

I'm not a religous guy by nature, but that doesn't mean I can't see the warning signs that the end is near.


The kicker is that immediately after this pic was snapped I went in and ordered a deep fried twinkie, only to find out that twinkies were no longer being fried for the night. It's one thing to get a deep fried twinkie, it's another thing entirely to get denied on your wish to eat deep fried pink goo. The end may be closer than we've ever imagined.

Lucha Dynamite


"Who's that?"
"It's El Aguila Del Norte with Scott, Rachel and Dom. He's pretty much my favorite Mexican Wrestler. He's bred for his mask-wearing skills and sweater-wearing magic."

How to "get it":
Step 1: Watch Napoleon Dynamite
Step 2: Google "Nacho Libre"...

...if you dare.

Yes, we spent the night in Preston Idaho.
Yes, THE Preston Idaho.
Yes, it ruled.

Message in a Moody


My bro and I visited the Port Moody Message in a Barrel, barrel today. The barrel is awesome and all the crew at the Port Moody Station Museum are super cool. I dropped a postcard in the barrel addressed to Dom at our place in Montreal with the promise of a free home cooked meal to the deliverer. Better get in there quick, she makes a mean meal, that Dom.


Okay, so Mexican Wrestling (Lucha Libre) is officially the raddest thing ever. Scott, Rahcel and I rocked Mexico City with our new Lucha masks last weekend - Highly recommended.


My Mexican Wrestling name is El Aiguila del Norte (Eagle of the North) and Scott's is El Aiguila de la Meurte(Eagle of Death). Rachel hasn't revealed her name yet.


Oh, and as luck would have it, Spider-Man was in town too.



That's Rachel on a big pyramid.


That's Scott in a big stadium.


That's me having big eagle-related fun.


This is the placemat from a Lucha Libre themed restaurant that claims to brew the world's best coffee. You can't really argue that claim when you consider there's the possibilty that a masked wrestler will burst through the squared circle to serve you a piping hot cup of joe.


There's a lot going on in this Texas sized layover picture. That's my appropriately-sized brown bag clad can of Lone Star beer that I bought from a Shell gas station just out of frame. It was about 629 degrees out and in front of the gas station sat a a Houston Police Ford Excursion, windows locked, nobody inside, engine running. It's also the only time in history that EL Aguila del Norte has posed for a picture in front of the sign for an airport named after two presidents. You'll be happy to know that El Aguila del Norte entered the USA without hassle. Be on the lookout for more sightings in the near future.

Oh, and in case you just want to watch a cartoon video song about a hippo with noodles on his back, feel free to go here: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/flash/hipponoodles.html

Lucha 604

Well, it's been a busy last few days. I flew from Boston to Seattle with a three day layover in Mexico City and now I'm in Vancouver. Check out Mexico City if you get the chance, it's wildly popular - 1000 Mexicans move there every day.

Mexico City highlights:
-Hung out with my brother Scott and his girlfriend Rachel at the tail end of their 2 month trip thru Central America
-Saw Masked Mexican Wrestling - (Lucha Libre)
-Bought Mexican wrestling masks
-Wore Mexican wrestling masks
-Delivered a postcard to a squatter who had a Silence of the Lambs style dog pit....while wearing a Mexican wrestling mask.
-Ate delicious street vendor tacos
-Got horrendous food poisoning
-Climbed the third highest pyramid in the world
-Vomited into the barf bag I stole from my flight
-Saw about half a million VW Bugs
-Bought posters with eagles on them
-Bought a shirt with an eagle on it
-Bought a flag with an eagle on it
-Met Spider-Man
-Went to soccer game between Mexico City and Guadalajara with 125 000 other people (El Classico)
-Saw the center of the universe
-Saw the man who lives at the center of the universe

-and so much more...stay tuned - pictures to come.


I´m on my way to Vancouver, but currently on a four day layover in the highest, largest, oldest and most polluted city in North America to hang with my brother Scott and his girlfriend Rachel for the weekend. I´m sure there´ll be more than one good pic to upload from what just might be the most legendary photo-generating layover in the history of my life.

Stay tuned.

Another Man's Treasure


That's me doing a fake cross-eyed puke into a lovely Lloyd Aero Boliviano barf bag adorned with one red paperclip. I grabbed a couple of these barf bags from a flight Dom and I took in South America this May on the whim that they might come in handy. Fast forward to last week and surpirse surprise, the barf bag, sorry, "airsickness bag", did in fact come in handy. I put the barf bag on ebay and some dude in Alaska dropped $21 USD to be the lucky owner of this marvelous vomit-ready laminated paper sack. I even offered him my other prized LAB puke sack for half price and guess what, he coughed up the cash for it!

It's not every day that you sell two barf bags to an Alaskan for thirty bucks, but then again, some days you do.

Fran Seen

Today I delieverd a postcard to a cool lady named Fran in Oshawa Ontario, or 'The Shwa' for those in the know.

Notes from delivery:
Door answered by 30 something live-at-home tank top wearing son who simultaneously held back barking dog, hollered for his mom and offered me a beer. Mom/Fran yelling back that she couldn't come to door cause she didn't have any clothes on. Being invited in, accepting said brew, slipping on dog pee. Me talking to Fran about weddings, scrapbooking and internet dating with piss on on my flip flops and cold beer in my hand - before noon on a sunday.



That's my cousin Ty standing in front of a Ferarri. It's not his. Yet.

You know that thing in movies where criminals climb up fire escapes on the outside of buildings then procced to jump from roof to roof to evade the cops? Yeah, we've been doing that - but without the cops. Or the donuts.

Just bagels and smoked meat.