Follow Fewer People

It costs nothing to follow 1 million people on twitter.  But what's the cost of distraction?  Following even 1000 people on twitter is ridiculous.  There's no possible way you can keep track of who's doing what.  Trim the people who no longer inspire you.  Trim the dude who tweets whenever he buys a sandwich.  Trim the COMPLAINERS.  It's tough, because it feels like you're going to lose something, but you'll gain so much more.  Ditch people for the sake of your own clarity.  Drop the 'under performing' folks for new beginnings.  And please, if you don't dig my tweets, please drop me!

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Allan Wills said...

Well technically you can follow 1,000 people - if you use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to organise people into lists and streams. But yes, I take your point - lots of superfluous stuff.