Black Cat

A black cat just crossed my path on my way home. Now, the current popular superstition is that this is bad luck, but my outlook is a little different.

The first 25 years of my life were spent in the vicinity of black cats. My parents got Ebony, black cat #1 before I was born. When they brought me home from the hospital back in good old 1979, Ebony arrived at my bedroom with a present.

A mouse.

Ebony crossed my path daily and brought hundreds more presents to the family right up until she packed it in eight years ago. Within a matter of months though, black cat #2, Diva, came on the scene and she's brought nothing but good luck - and presents.

So, to all of you who think black cats are bad luck, I say phooey. Black cats are good luck. That's it. Hang on, I'll prove it, let me go check my email...

Guess what was in my inbox!

-Get a complimentary Sony VAIO Laptop!
-Market Research Get an Ipod Video on us!
-Find out how you could receive a Free PS3 when they become available!
--Designer Accessories You could be stylin' with new LV accessories Get them free!
-Designer purse You could get a LV purse and matching wallet we'll pick up the tab!
-Get a Sony VAIO Laptop on us!

Wow, 2 FREE Sony VAIO laptops, FREE IPOD, FREE PS3, a FREE designer purse, and FREE designer accessories! I told you black cats were lucky. This is perfect, I've been holding back on purchasing designer accessories. Now I know why!

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