The name of the game is Burghinder
It's just like Punch Buggy, but involves Burgundy Dodge Caravans.
Which are called a "Burghinder" ....or a "Ghind" for short 

(The ‘h’ is silent)(The 'ind' is pronounced like INDia)

When you see a Ghind you yell out "Burghinder!" or  "Ghind!" and get to punch somebody in the shoulder.

1 Punch - Burgundy Dodge Caravan (Any model from 1984 - present)
2 Punches - Burgundy Dodge Caravan pre-1991 model with original body shape and all-ghind interior
3 Punches - Turbo Ghind
5 Punches - Any custom designed Ghind (ex motorhome Ghind)
6 Punches - Woodghinder (wood panelled Ghind)
20 Punches - Convertible Ghind (extremely rare)

BUT, if you mistake the following for a Ghind, another person gets to punch YOU the following number of times:

2 Punches - Ghind sighter fails to yell out "Burghinder!" or  "Ghind!"
3 Punches - any color not burgundy (Purple, Black Cherry, Red, etc.)
4 Punches - Other make/model of burgundy minivan (ex Toyota Sienna, Ford Aerostar)
5 Punches - Plymouth Voyager

6 Punches - Volkswagen Routan
8 Punches - Chrysler Town and Country

Happy Ghinding!

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