Hi, my name's Kyle. Give me a shout anytime. I'd love to hear from ya.
Cell: 514-833-3980


Useless Man said...

I thought you moved?

Did that just sound like a stalker? Excuse me while I go mind my own business. I'll send a postcard from there...

Derek said...

Hey Red Paper Clip Guy!
I just saw the VH1's Top 40 Internet Celebrities. Haha, I LOVED YOUR STORY. Now maybe you should document your success with.. a blue paperclip?

dubgirl said...

just wanted to say hey!
u were in dublin a while ago, and i read an interview with you
so i got your book!
your story's deadly!
really inspirational.
its great knowing of someone who just went for it.
anyways u got me inspired! and thinking!,thanks.
well im off

junhong said...

yo man! i like your book! especially the part when you propose to Dom! people from SINGAPORE says hi to ya!

Sunsiren said...

Hi Kyle, you must be an angel of some kind. I just read your book - in Chinese!! Very touching and inspiring story. Take good care of yourself!

Arqell said...

Hey Kyle, I was wondering if you could give me some advice or and suggestion on how to get a good trade and where. I wanna try this thing out and see what I can get. Thanks bro. Good job, you rock! I