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WANTED: Greatest Public Speaking Promo Reel Ever OF ALL TIME


Hi, my name's Kyle.  When I'm not eating cheeseburgers at the beach with my shirt off or surfing wolves I'm trading red paperclips for houses.  My two least favorite things when I was a kid were writing and public speaking but I've somehow wound up as a published author and professional public speaker.  Life's weird.But here we are.

The internet is full of treacherously boring speaker promo videos.  It's time to create the future and change the game forever via a next level video throwdown.  Its time to unleash the Greatest Public Speaking Promo Reel Ever.  OF ALL TIME. 


But I need your help.

Think Epic Meal Time crossed with that Lithuanian bottled water commercial crossed with Taxi Dave doing an impression of Napoleon Dynamite doing an impression of Anthony Robbins....holding a cat...but not just any cat, Keyboard Cat.   Google that stuff if you don't know about it yet.  

I've got lots of speaking and interview footage, but I'm willing to create a completely new production.  Contact me if you make videos that melt peoples faces off.




The name of the game is Burghinder
It's just like Punch Buggy, but involves Burgundy Dodge Caravans.
Which are called a "Burghinder" ....or a "Ghind" for short 

(The ‘h’ is silent)(The 'ind' is pronounced like INDia)

When you see a Ghind you yell out "Burghinder!" or  "Ghind!" and get to punch somebody in the shoulder.

1 Punch - Burgundy Dodge Caravan (Any model from 1984 - present)
2 Punches - Burgundy Dodge Caravan pre-1991 model with original body shape and all-ghind interior
3 Punches - Turbo Ghind
5 Punches - Any custom designed Ghind (ex motorhome Ghind)
6 Punches - Woodghinder (wood panelled Ghind)
20 Punches - Convertible Ghind (extremely rare)

BUT, if you mistake the following for a Ghind, another person gets to punch YOU the following number of times:

2 Punches - Ghind sighter fails to yell out "Burghinder!" or  "Ghind!"
3 Punches - any color not burgundy (Purple, Black Cherry, Red, etc.)
4 Punches - Other make/model of burgundy minivan (ex Toyota Sienna, Ford Aerostar)
5 Punches - Plymouth Voyager

6 Punches - Volkswagen Routan
8 Punches - Chrysler Town and Country

Happy Ghinding!

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